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Artificial intelligence is no longer the technology of future. Its already here. We might not have been entirely successful in creating a machine rival of the human brain but it’s just a matter of time. Artificial intelligence has moved out of the research labs into the real world and there is hardly any aspect of our life which is left untouched by it.

How many of us love talking to Siri, or find it amusing how Alexa can play our favorite song or even set our alarm. These virtual personal assistants are based on voice – activated user interface developed through Machine Learning. Gone are the days when we would stop by to ask way to strangers. Now, we are all addicted to the GPS navigation service for finding the shortest route to work or the less congested way in rainy afternoon. In fact when we uber, the app estimates the time and price of the ride. Jeff Schneider, the engineering lead at Uber ATC reveals in an interview that they use Machine Learning to define price surge hours by predicting the rider demand.
Isn’t it convenient to see our emails are already sorted into primary, social, promotional and spam. Multi-Layer Perceptron, C 4.5 Decision Tree Induction are some of the spam filtering techniques that are powered by Machine Learning. How do you feel when you upload a picture of you with a friend on Facebook or when you get recommendations of movies, songs, friends in all your social media apps. There are innumerable examples were machine learning has been proving its potential. Industries have been continuously exploring machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate the tasks. Artificial intelligence has been driving emerging technologies like big data, deep learning, robotics and IoT, and it will continue to act as a technological innovator for the foreseeable future.
As rightly said by AI Oracle and Venture Capitalist Dr. Kaifu Lee: Artificial Intelligence is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. More than electricity.

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DevOps is a buzzing keyword in the market, and this has provided a new outlook on how an organization can use this approach to make their business function better. Azure is one of the leading cloud service providers and supports a powerful set of DevOps services.

Azure DevOps is a Software as a service (SaaS) platform from Microsoft that provides an end-to-end DevOps toolchain for developing and deploying software.

Going by the definition,

DevOps is the process of integrating Developer and Operation teams in order to improve collaborations and productivity. This is done by automating workflows and productivity for continuous measurement of application performance.

Azure DevOps is effectively a rebranding of Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) which is the online version of Team Foundation Server.

Why do I love working with Azure DevOps?

One of the biggest advantages of using Azure DevOps is collaboration i.e. being able to centrally host and manage code. Code versioning is an important dimension in code management and whether you use Team Foundation Version control or GIT, Azure DevOps has got you covered.

Continuous Integration and Deployment is like icing on the cake for Azure DevOps lovers.

You can now worry less about creating pipelines and focus on software development.

With the help of Azure DevOps CI CD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery) pipeline, you can take your solution from development to delivery in just a fraction of seconds. Whenever a new code is checked-in, the build can be triggered automatically and once the build is successful the code can be deployed as well thereby reducing manual efforts. You can also get the logs of the build and deployment that helps in tracking down the current status and figure out the root cause for the build or deployment issues if any. Isn't that cool!

devops training in bangalore BTM

You can easily customize the CI CD pipelines with a few tweaks based on your requirement, thereby giving you the freedom of customization. With Azure providing end to end solutions for your software development you have the freedom of using the tools of your choice as Azure readily incorporates with most of the market tools out there thus making customization and experimentation easier.

Following are the Azure DevOps Components which makes it a great success:

  • Azure Pipelines used to build, test, and deploy applications continuously.
  • Azure Boards - If you have multiple teams working on a project, those teams need to communicate better. Azure Boards ensure better work tracking by helping you to deal with backlogs and ensure the creation of great custom reports.
  • Azure Artefacts - Azure enables you to create, host, and share packages among your team. Artefacts in Azure ensure your pipelines have fully integrated package management which can be achieved with a mere click.
  • Azure Repos - Think of it as a home or storage for repositories. It provides you with unlimited cloud-hosted private Git repositories. You can pull, push, and commit your changes to these repositories.
  • Test Plans - It provides you with a complete toolkit to perform end to end, manual and exploratory testing ensuring your software functions just fine.
devops training in bangalore btm

To conclude this, if your goal is to collaborate on software development through source control, work tracking, and continuous integration and delivery, both on-premises and in the cloud then Azure DevOps is the perfect approach that you should give definitely give a try.

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Python programming language has been adopted by many people around the world and it has been growing steadily. Python is a general purpose scripting language that is free from any programming errors. Why is Python becoming more popular now? It has gained much popularity in the IT industry. What makes Python so popular in the IT industry?

Why is Python so popular in the IT industry? Python has gained much popularity lately. This is because it provides essential features that capture every computer expert's eye. Let's analyze a few of these features and see why they have become so popular recently. The first feature is the Python script language. It is an extremely powerful scripting language. With the help of this scripting language, developers can create sophisticated applications for every possible application.

The second most popular feature in the Python programming language is its easy integration with the various programming languages. The Python program language is compatible with almost every popular programming language including Visual Basic, C++ and Java. In addition, Python is able to perform various task without the use of any external tools. It is highly dynamic and flexible. With such features, programmers are able to create their own applications within seconds.

The third most popular feature of the Python scripting language is its open source nature. Although this is one feature that has been ignored in the past, it is becoming more popular these days. The reason behind this is that many programmers have adopted the Python scripting language due to the numerous benefits it offers to the programmers.

In addition to the aforementioned features, there are also other benefits that programmers are able to gain from using the Python programming language. For one, it provides support for multithreaded programs and provides various other functionalities. This means that the code of a program can be executed in multiple threads and executed simultaneously.

Python Programming industry, there is a thriving community of people who contribute to and improve the Python language app development company in Texas is one of them.

The fourth most popular feature of the Python programming language that programmers have chosen is its ease of use. There are many beginners and experienced programmers who are able to use this language. Python is very simple to use, which means it is easy for them to learn and it is also very useful for them. For this reason, many companies who are looking forward to increase the productivity and efficiency of their software development team have adopted the Python programming language. In fact, many IT companies such as Facebook and Yahoo! have been using the Python programming for quite some time now and continue to do so.