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Python/Advance Python

  • File Organizer
  • Proxy web server creation
  • Storage Projects Automation

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    Data Science

    1)Exploratory Data Analysis
    In this a project is developed to do data analysis in order to have better understanding of data and to find out :
    - Which is the variable to cause the issue
    - Features of data
    2) Data Analysis & Visualization
    This Project is to use Tableau and create various visualization dash board of data

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    Storage Automation Using Python

    1) NAS Implementation Using OpenFiler
    Description: In this project the Open Filer will be installed with the X64 server and will be configures as a NAS Head. Once the NAS head configuration is done, the NAS Features will be tested. Traffics will be generated to the volumes created and the performance is measured.
    2) RAID Controller Validation
    Description: In this the RAID controller in the DAS server is tested with various components of the controller and the feature and functionality testing of the same. This also involves creation of different RAID Level and varying the functionality. The test suit is automated using Python.
    3) SAN Fabric Creation and Traffic generation
    Description : Creating a SAN Fabric with Primary & secondary switches. Testing the Functionality.
    4) SAN Switch Verification
    Description : This Project is to verify the functionality of Fabric OS & FW of SAN Switch. In this a SAN fabric is create and the functionality is checked for the SAN Switch.
    5) Drive Testing
    Description : SAS & SATA Drives are tested for the functionality in case of creation of RAID And LUN in SAN environment.

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