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Course Overview

Courses Overview

Upskill yourself with the  top-rated AI and ML courses. This Artificial Intelligence course helps you learn Python, ML, Deep Learning, NLP, etc. Propel your career towards a better job and salary with the most sought after expertise in the current landscape: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

About Course

This AI ML certification course is ideal for working professionals with programming knowledge. It covers key concepts like Statistics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, and Reinforcement Learning. This program is delivered through our interactive learning model with live sessions by global practitioners, labs, and industry projects.


  • History of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Five domains of AI
  • Why AI now?
  • Limitation of AI.
  • Machine Learning Primer
  • Machine Learning core concepts, scalable algorithms, project workflow.
  • Objective Functions and Regularization
  •  Understanding Objective Function of ML Algorithms
  • Metrics, Evaluation Methods and Optimizers
  • Popular Metrics in Detail: R2 Score, RMSE, Cross Entropy, Precision, Recall, F1 Score, ROC-AUC, SGD, ADAM
  • Artificial Neural Network
  •  ANN in detail, Forward Pass and Back Propagation
  •  Machine Learning Vs Deep Learning
  • Core difference b/w ML and DL from implementation perspective
  • Python Programming Primer
  • Installing Python, Programming Basics, Native Data types
  •  Class, Inheritance and Magic Functions
  •  Python Classes, Inheritance Concepts, Magic Functions
  • Special Functions in Python
  • Overview, Array, selecting data, Slicing, Iterating, Array Manipulations, Stacking, Splitting arrays, Key functions
  • Decorators and Special Functions
  • Decorators implementation with class
  • Context Manager ‘with’ in Python
  • Context Manager Application
  • Exception Handling
  • Try and Catch block

Course Content


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