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Course Overview

Data Science is a multi-disciplinary domain that uses lots of methods, processes, algorithms, statistics to collect raw unstructured data, analyze the collected data to derive some meaningful information and insights that can be used for making predictions and decision making. In the closure of Flipkart v. Walmart deal, Data Science was used to help save some losses. Also, data science techniques have taken the Oyo project to unprecedented heights in hospitality sector. These are some of examples on how Data Science has been benefitting our businesses.

Data science is an integration of artificial intelligence. Data science is used to solve complex problems in a simple way. Data science will help test your business. Let us put it in a better way, If a customer buys something from you from his or her past, then based on the customer’s past history and the data we had we can customize the products to him and there is little chance of losing the customer.

The beauty of data science is automotive, Imagine your car taking you to your home without the need for anyone. The vehicle can receive information from the sensors and drive accordingly and result in a reduction in the accident rate. The most important factor in data science is the prediction of natural disasters. We can save many lives by using this technology.

Our Data science course plays a key role in making the right route planning so that customers get the flight at the required time and time. Predictability analysis will be performed using data science to predict flight details. Data science is also used in the supply chain to use the shortest and best way to ship products. With the simplest data science training professionals, Upskill IQ trains one to practice the art of Data Science. The term “Data Scientist” has been coined after considering the very fact that a Data Scientist draws tons of data from the scientific fields and applications whether it’s statistics or mathematics.

About Course

Upskill iQ has designed its Data Science course in a way to equip you with various techniques to collect the correct and interesting data, to be able to analyze any new set of data, and to utilize the findings for business purposes. Whether you are interested in being a Data Scientist, Data Analyst or any other expert related to the field, Upskill IQ has a course for you. With Python being one of the most readable and popular languages, Upskill IQ makes sure you gain your expertise in it while you are gaining expertise in Data Science which will help you train in presenting the data in a much more useful form as compared to the raw data available to them from structured as well as unstructured forms. Data Science was ranked as bestjob of the year in 2018 and for three consecutive years by Glass Door and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Data Science is a hot career option currently with ever growing jobs in industries across all sectors. India is second only to the United States in generating 50,000 jobs in 2020 in the field of Data Science. With the 21st century information revolution, industries are investing in Data Science to generate meaningful data for critical decision making. Harvard Business School has dubbed Data Science “sexiest job of 21st Century”. For aspiring candidates looking for exponential future growth, Data Science is the domain to get skilled.

Bangalore is widely considered the “Silicon Valley of India” (or “IT capital of India”) due to its role and with the rising importance of Data Science, the power to require existing data that’s not necessarily useful on its own and mix it with other data points to get insights on a corporation are often used to learn more about its customers and audience.

Data Science Foundation

This document is intended to provide information on Data Science Foundation (DSF-DS2010) certification for IABAC registered training providers to structure the course curriculum as per IABAC syllabus guidelines and for individuals, who are preparing for DSF certification exam.


  • Introduction to Data Science

  • Data Science vs Business Analytics vs Big Data

  • Classification of Business Analytics

  • Data Science Project Workflow

  • Various Roles in Data Science

  • Application of Data Science in various industries


  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Harnessing Data
  • Exploratory Analysis
  • Distributions
  •  Hypothesis & Computational Techniques
  • Correlation & Regression
  • Introduction to Data Science with Python
  • Python Basics: Basic Syntax, Data Structures
  • Data Objects, Math, Comparison Operators, Condition Statements, loops, lists, tuples, dicts, functions
  • Numpy Package
  • Pandas Package
  • Exploratory Data Analysis: Data Cleaning, Data Wrangling
  • Exploratory Data Analysis: Case Study
  • Visual Analytics Basics
  • Basic Charts, Plots
  • Machine Learning Introduction
  • What is ML? ML vs AI. ML Workflow, Statistical Modelling of ML. Application of ML
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Popular ML Algorithms, Clustering, Classification and Regression, Supervised vs Unsupervised
  • Choice of ML
  • Supervised Learning
  • Simple and Multiple Linear regression, KNN, and more
  • Linear Regression and Logistic Regression

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Поэтому лучшая вода - это вода с наименьшим показателем минерализации.Следует также понимать, что питьевая и минеральная вода - это два разных вида воды. Первая - идеальна для ежедневного употребления и приготовления пищи. Вторая, за счет содержания в ней высокой концентрации полезных минералов, может применяться только в лечебных целях (согласно рекомендаций лечащего врача по строго определенной схеме).Получить детальную информацию о качестве и физико-биологическом составе воды позволяет лабораторный тест для питьевой воды. По многочисленным исследованиям, проводимым в наших лабораториях, вода - идеальна для питья и приготовления пищи, не содержит патогенных примесей и богата полезными минералами и микроэлементами.ГОСТ.На сегодняшний день качество централизованной питьевой воды в Украине регламентируется ГОСТом 2874-82 «Вода питьевая. Гигиенические требования и контроль за качеством». Вместе с тем Приказом Министерства охраны здоровья Украины от 23.12.1996 г. №383 утверждены Государственные санитарные нормы и правила «Вода питьевая. Гигиенические требования к качеству воды централизованного хозяйственно-питьевого водоснабжения» (ГСанПиН).Согласно вышеуказанным нормативам, оценивают воду по таким критериям:органолептика;токсикология;эпидемиология.К сожалению, анализы питьевой воды из централизованного водопровода показывают, что ни один из показателей не соответствует установленным нормам в полной мере. Простыми словами - вода из под крана не годится для питья и приготовления еды.чистая вода с идеальными органолептическими характеристиками, в которой отсутствует токсикологическая среда и содержится высокий природный уровень минералов. Поэтому она полностью соответствует требованиям ГОСТа. Наша питьевая вода высшей категории занимает самый высокий рейтинг среди в списке качественной воды в Киеве с доставкой по адресу. Мы внимательно следим состоянием и составом воды на каждом этапе: от добычи до розлива и доставки. И неустанно исследуем ее на предмет наличия патогенных микроорганизмов, примесей тяжелых металлов, солей и пр. От всей души Вам всех благ!



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