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Course Overview

Courses Overview

Let’s gear up for the role of DevOps Practitioner and bridge the gap between software developers and operations by getting hands on experience on DevOps tools like Jenkins, Github, Bamboo, Docker, etc.

By gaining expertise in DevOps environment for continuous production, development, management and monitoring, this certification will increase your worth in the company. So join one of the best DevOps training in Bangalore BTM and Online.

What is DevOps

DevOps is an organization’s culture which sets the way of creating, delivering and managing a software through the principle of shared responsibility. It improves the efficiency of a software, reduces release time, encourages collaborative working, agility thereby breaking silos in an organization and taking it to new heights. Industries are keen for DevOps set up because a responsive development environment aligned with their business will reduce costs and achieve higher results in shorter time.

There’s a whole lot on continuing discussion in recent months about cloud and cloud storage such as AWS, G- Cloud, Microsoft Azure etc.. In addition to that Personal and hybrid is also contained in this trend. As in the age of cloud and associated technology DevOps has become somewhat of a standard way for the functioning of businesses globally. Because of the operational efficiency and functionality of DevOps, even enormous corporations and companies are now recognizing and considering its power over the rest of the obsolete methods of handling customers. So All significant companies are catching up with DevOps today and are now on track to embrace it completely.

About Course

At Upskill IQ the DevOps training course is designed to provide you a wholesome approach on principles of continuous development, automation of infrastructure and workflows, configuration management, integration and monitoring of application. The course will give expertise on various tools such as GitHub, Jenkins, chef, Puppet, Docker which are used in DevOps environment for production, deployment and management. A certification at the end of the programme will help students get jobs of their choice.

Getting certified in DevOps is like flowing with the advancement of time. DevOps can help you achieve :

  • Increase your value: IT is an ever evolving domain and to stay relevant one needs to be updated with the latest technologies and methods to identify ways of doing work swiftly, easily and efficiently. With DevOps certification, you can complement your experience and always stay relevant in the industry.
  • Stay ahead of others: With DevOps learning, you can increase the product quality and organizational culture.
  • Increase your salary: With companies eager to improve their workflow processes, DevOps engineers are in demand and are recruited at good positions. There has been a steady increase in the salary band width.
  • Re-launch your career: Give your job a new pep with DevOps certification and become an uncompromised choice for Amazon, Netflix, Etsy, etc.
Organization have realized the advantages and possible DevOps has and intending to invest heavily in adapting to its clinics, in accordance with the recent reports By 2021, DevOps will evolve from a market strategy employed by big cloud suppliers to a mainstream strategy utilized by 50 percent of Global 2000 organizations.
DevOps has a enormous potential because of the major benefits within the business and also to the organization, Today while everybody kind of knows of DevOps, there are very few who really understand it and have the abilities to implement and operate according to it to the organization. That leaves a big window of opportunity for anybody wanting to make a mark for himself and DevOps can be a fantastic career opportunity for them.
The paradigm of software development is shifting towards DevOps and there are lots of observable evidences to support it.
The foremost requirement is your enthusiasm and will to learn. Apart from that a basic knowledge of operations and networking would be required. Having fundamentals of Linux will also be helpful.
However, at Upskill IQ, to help you brush up with your skills, a concise self-paced course of Python and Linux will be given.
  • Online DevOps training in Bangalore is provided by Industry expert instructors.
  • Devops Certification Online Course covers interview questions and all real time scenarios being asked by MNCs.
  • 24/7 Support by our experts to help no matter what the issue.
  • Flexible hours of Real time Training as per your convenience at your place.
  • This online Devops certification course is provided in collabration with Excelvisor Technologies.
  • Fundamentals of Python and Linux will be taught before online DevOps training course .
  • You can opt for only weekend classes for this online DevOps training.
  • Live interactive sessions and pre-recorded videos .
  • Practical projects to work on .
  • 7 days a week support so you are never stuck on a lesson for days.
  • Assigned mentor to guide you and help you be on track during course.
  • Best DevOps training in Bangalore BTM with placement assistance.

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